How to Set the Lock on Your Flower Stampede Smell Proof Stash Bag

Your Flower Stampede Locking, Smell Proof Stash Bag is the perfect accessory for securing your cannabis and edibles, at home and on the go. Your cute Smell Proof Stash Bag offers the best features available.  An advanced activated carbon lining absorbs odours, while the built-in combination lock keeps your stash away from kids and pets.

Your Bag’s Combination is Pre-set to 0-0-0.
To Change the Combination:

How to set the lock on your Flower Stampede Smell-Proof Stash Bag

  1. Open the lock by turning the number dials to 0-0-0

  2. Slide the locking button in the direction of the arrow and hold it there.

  3. Set your personal combination by turning the number dials. (See photo above.)

  4. Release the button. Your lock is now set.

  5. To lock your bag, push each zipper pull firmly into the open lock. Turn the number wheels to hide the combination.

 Be sure to write down your new combination and keep it somewhere safe. You can download a copy of the Stash Bag locking instructions here.

Help! I’ve Forgotten My Combination

It happens! If you can’t unlock your Stash Bag, try this:

If you've forgotten your lock combination, you can try every possible combination, from 000 to 999. Start with the dials set to 000, and turn them from 000 to 001, 002, 003 through to 999. 

This may sound like a lot of work, but it should only take 15 minutes or so to go through all the numbers. It will save you breaking the lock on your sleek Flower Stampede Stash Bag, so trying all possible combinations is definitely worth a try.

How does the Smell Proof Stash Bag Work?

Your Flower Stampede Flower Stampede Locking, Smell Proof Stash Bag is constructed from the inside out to remove scents that might permeate your bag.

How your Flower Stampede Locking, Smell Proof Stash Bag absorbs odours

As the image above shows, your bag features an advanced activated carbon lining. Activated carbon - also known as activated charcoal - is an entirely natural product. It is produced by treating charcoal with steam at very high temperatures so that it becomes porous. This results in active carbon that is full of millions of microscopic holes, on the inside and across the surface. Odours are then “sucked” into these pores, similar to dust in a vacuum cleaner.

The activated carbon lining is enhanced by being sandwiched between two filterable, non-woven layers of fabric. These layers work together to filter smells and neutralize all odours.

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