All About the Limited Edition Flower Stampede Stickers

Limited Edition  Flower Stampede Stickers

Shown above is our new, limited edition sticker, featuring a large Flower Stampede logo against a smoky background. Produced in collaboration with StickerCanada, designer Lauren Saunders used the large logo treatment to evoke a classic stoner/black magic vibe. We chose 2.5 x 2.5 inch square vinyl stickers. These babies have waterproof features, so they can be placed on everything from laptops to water bottles.

And if you do put stickers on everything, you’re certainly not alone. Stickers are a popular way to customize and inject your personality into everyday objects - and have been for decades.

Stickers Through the Ages

The history of stickers dates back to ancient Egypt, where archeologists have found remnants of papyrus posters, pasted on walls with adhesives like beeswax and tree sap. 

Printing methods and paste techniques improved through the ages. But it wasn’t until 1935, when Ray Stanton Avery invented pressure-sensitive adhesives, that the modern sticker was born. Avery lived in a rented chicken coop in college, and volunteered  in Los Angeles’ depression-era skid row. He used a $100 loan from his fiancé to fund his invention. Avery’s self-adhesive stickers were an instant hit with the public.

In the 1940s, printer Forest Gill combined self-adhesive labels and day-glow paint to create the bumper sticker, replacing the popular, opinionated "bumper signs" that were affixed  to car bumpers with bits of twine.

Bumper stickers

The ubiquitous bumper sticker paved the way for fun as well as informative stickers. By the 1960s, stickers were included with trading cards, found inside boxes of candy, and sold as souvenirs worldwide.

“Today,” according to Vice, “anyone under 50 who has a car, laptop, or skateboard without stickers either just bought it new or has a commitment to austerity and minimalism that makes people avoid them at parties.”

Stickers are used for self expression

How to Get a Limited Edition
Flower Stampede Sticker

Want a limited edition sticker? While supplies last, you’ll receive stickers with every Flower Stampede purchase. You can also visit us at an upcoming event to grab a free goodie bag, which includes our limited edition stickers, plus our paper branding stickers and other surprises. 

We can’t wait to see how and where you use your stickers to express yourself!

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