About Us

About Flower Stampede | Smoking Haute

Flower Stampede designs and sells fashionable cannabis accessories for stylish consumers.

Cannabis is fast becoming legal around the world. And with greater access and acceptance comes better choice and diversity in how and what we smoke or ingest.

Flower Stampede is here to provide pretty and affordable choices, for consuming, stashing and wearing.

Our launch line showcases the Flower Stampede Signature Floral pattern, a celebration of outsider flowers. Spend some time in our beautiful garden with a punk edge. You'll discover native species not seen in botanical prints: dandelions, poppies, chamomile & of course our very own Sativa logo.

We believe smoking a few bowls at the end of a hard day is no different than enjoying a glass of wine. Cannabis can help get you high, and it can also help you heal.

We make no judgements. We invite everyone to join the Stampede. You are all Smoking Haute.

Meet Dena Brooker, Founder

Dena Brooker Founder, Flower Stampede

Hi all. I’m Dena and Flower Stampede is my baby. Growing up in Toronto, my gang frequented a headshop at a much-scuzzier Yonge & Dundas. It was all oversized bongs and sexist bro merch - besides a pretty silver pipe from India, I could never find what I wanted. And that is when I decided to design my own cannabis accessories one day.

Meanwhile I got a degree in journalism from Carleton University, Ottawa. My career spanned the print and online worlds, from magazine editorial to online content and digital marketing. 

Over the many decades since high school, headshop goods did not change much. But since legalization, every day I see interesting and beautiful pipes and bongs, super fancy vaporizers and stunning designer cones. Flower Stampede is my teenage stoner dream come true, and I am thrilled to join the creative and amazing legal cannabis industry.