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The Flower Stampede Ring Roach Clip in gold holds your joints

The Cult Fave Magnetic Spoon Pipe

Flower Stampede Magnetic Spoon Pipe
Flower Stampede Magnetic Spoon Pipe
Flower Stampede 4-Layer Cannabis Grinder in Pink and White

About Us

Flower Stampede designs and sells fashionable cannabis accessories for stylish consumers.

Our line showcases the Flower Stampede Signature Floral pattern, a celebration of outsider flowers. Spend some time in our beautiful garden with a punk edge. You'll discover native species not seen in botanical prints: dandelions, poppies, chamomile & of course our very own Sativa logo.

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  • 2024 Update: Travelling With Weed in Canada and the United States

    With legal cannabis available across Canada and in 24 out of 50 United States it's a great time to be a weed-loving tourist. But what if you are travelling within Canada or the United States, or crossing the border? Can you bring your cannabis along for the journey?

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  • A Brief History of Roaches and Roach Clips

    Joint smokers have the economical option of grinding cannabis flower and rolling their own, or the convenience of tightly packed pre-rolls with built-in filters. Like hippies grooving in the Haight, to enjoy every last bit of your purchase, you’re going to need a roach clip. 

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  • How To Make Cannabis Stem Tea

    Once you’ve separated your cannabis buds from the stem, save those little sticks for later use. Weed stems can be a substitute for weed in many recipes, including a simple tea. Just choose a binding agent - it can even be hard liquor - and brew up a buzzing cuppa.

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