Help Design Our New Grinder - Updated With Your Picks

Recently, we asked you to vote on a new look for the Flower Stampede 4-Layer Cannabis Grinder.

Using an herb grinder maintains the quality of your weed and ensures your cannabis burns well.

Of course, we weren’t changing our heavy-duty design, featuring powerful, diamond-shaped CNC-milled teeth to grind even the stickiest marijuana buds, plus a bottom micro-screen, with included kief scraper, to make it easy to collect sweet, sweet kief.

Currently, the grinder is dark and delicious, wrapped in our Signature Floral Pattern in pink, on a matte black background with a black interior. For version 2.0, we asked you to vote on new pattern and finish options.

We’re excited to announce the results: a stunning pattern in glossy pink on white, with a pretty silver interior. Watch for the Flower Stampede Pretty in Pink Grinder, coming very soon!

Your Design Choices

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