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Flower Stampede 4-Layer Cannabis Grinder

Flower Stampede 4-Layer Cannabis Grinder

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A beautiful way to get the best smoke! Using a weed grinder maintains the quality of your flower and ensures your cannabis burns well. The super cute Flower Stampede 4-Layer Cannabis Grinder has powerful teeth to grind even the stickiest marijuana buds. And the bottom micro-screen, with included kief scraper, makes it easy to collect sweet, sweet kief.

Features include:

  • Artistically wrapped in the Signature Floral Pattern of your choice:
    Pink and White with pink background, small white pattern and silver interior or limited stock in Black and Pink with black background, large pink pattern and black interior
  • Diamond shaped, CNC-milled teeth
  • Heavy-duty aluminum body with magnetic closure
  • 4 layers with 3 chambers
  • Stainless steel micro-screen for kief filtering; kief scraper included
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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
A great gadget

So glad I decided to try it out, I wouldn’t want to go without!

Joann White

Awesome product 👌