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Flower Stampede Magnetic Spoon Pipe

Flower Stampede Magnetic Spoon Pipe

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Add some style to 4:20 with the sleek Flower Stampede Magnetic Spoon Pipe. Held in place by powerful magnets, this gorgeous weed and hash spoon pipe is easy to use and maintain.  No screens are required and cleaning is a breeze.

Features include: 

  • Lightweight, unbreakable zinc alloy construction 
  • Exquisite iridescent, purple/blue flame-proof finish stays cool to the touch
  • Magnetic lid with etched Flower Stampede logo secures your stash
  • No screens required; 200-micron filter gap eliminates clogging and screens
  • Comes apart for easy cleaning
  • Storage box included

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Cleans easy

Great pipe, cleans easy with little application of pressure with just a little heat. Wish i had this years ago, as it would have saved me money on products. Just need to clean it every three bowls.

Deleted user


Best Pipe

This pipe is great. It does not fall over and spill. The magnetic lid is awesome.. With the built in screen this pipe has it all....

The Magnetic Spoonpipe

In order to rate this pipe I have used five categories, 1. shape, 2. material, 3. bowl, 4. lid, 5. cleaning

1. Shape: The magnetic spoon pipe is an smooth, elegantly shaped delivery system with
a 'low profile'. The low profile is clever design which prevents the pipe from tipping
and spilling the load, a common problem with pipes.
2. Material: The pipe is made from an indestructible metal, for those of us who have purchased glass pipes,
this makes a big difference. The metal has a coating which prevents the pipe, especially the bowl, from excessively
heating as with most pipes after sustained usage. It is a relief to the fingertips and the smoke intake is not as
intense on the throat.
3. Bowl: The bowl of the pipe has a wide mouth which affords a large load or just a pinch, your preference.
As mentioned above the bowl does not heat when used repeatedly.
4.Lid: The operation of the bowl lid is an unique refinement. The pivot of the lid is magnetic. It slips smoothly
back and forth over the bowl. When so desired the load can easily be extinguished and contained with the lid.
5. Cleaning: This, in my view, is the most important aspect of the design of this pipe. Lifting the bowl lid from
the magnetic catch, the pipe divides into sections. This opens the interior of pipe for quick, easy cleaning of the
accumulated tar with a tissue. Anybody who has attempted cleaning the tar from the average pipe will probably
appreciate this aspect of the pipe as much as I do.
Needless to say, I highly recommend this as a smartly designed, durable and efficient smoking pipe.

Michael Morrow
Easy to use pipe

I got this as part of the smoking sesh kit. I am new to smoking cannabis and this is the first pipe I have liked using. It stays cool when lit, there are no screens and it comes aparts so you can clean it.