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Flower Stampede Mini Sesh Set - Matching Rolling Tray and 4-Layer Grinder

Flower Stampede Mini Sesh Set - Matching Rolling Tray and 4-Layer Grinder

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Flower Stampede 4-Layer Cannabis Grinder (Colour)

This gorgeous set has everything you need to take your smoking sessions to the next level, at a value price. Your Flower Stampede Mini Sesh Set features our high gloss Rolling Tray and heavy-duty 4-Layer Cannabis Grinder in your choice of matching - but not matchy-matchy- Signature Floral Pattern.

Perfect for the new cannabis consumer. Makes a great gift!

Your Flower Stampede Mini Sesh Set includes:

Rolling Tray

You'll be rolling in style with the Flower Stampede Rolling Tray. Trays keep your stash in place, and provide a solid surface for rolling joints. Plus there's no need to hide this beauty when not in use! Stunning Signature Floral Pattern design in pink with full colour logo. Glossy finish makes rolling easy and enjoyable. 

Features include:

  • Signature Floral Pattern in pink on a glossy white background, with 4-colour logo and pink rim
  • Food grade tinplate
  • High edges with rounded corners stops weed from spilling out or getting stuck in the corners 
  • Size: 11 x 7 x 1 inch (180 x 140 x 15 mm)

4-Layer Cannabis Grinder

A beautiful way to get the best smoke! Using a weed grinder maintains the quality of your flower and ensures your cannabis burns well. The super cute Flower Stampede 4-Layer Cannabis Grinder has powerful teeth to grind even the stickiest marijuana buds. And the bottom micro-screen, with included kief scraper, makes it easy to collect sweet, sweet kief.

Features include:

  • Artistically wrapped in the Signature Floral Pattern of your choice:
    Pink and White with pink background, small white pattern and silver interior or Black and Pink with black background, large pink pattern and black interior
  • Diamond shaped, CNC-milled teeth
  • Heavy-duty aluminum body with magnetic closure
  • 4 layers with 3 chambers
  • Stainless steel micro-screen for kief filtering; kief scraper included
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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Bee Kitty
I love the rolling tray & grinder

It’s absolutely beautiful
Strong and sturdy
Grinder busts like a charm
Couldn’t be happier
Thank you

Flowerstampede Rocks!

I love this set. The tray is the perfect size and don't be fooled by the grinder. It may look small but it works like a charm and grinds a good amount. Very satisfied. Love the design and the uniqueness of it!